Monday, March 30, 2009

Wacky Hair Day

Today is wacky hair day at Livingston's school. We got up this morning and brainstormed what he wanted to do for his hairdo and set to work. When his bus got here this morning, I could hear the cheering from the other six students in the bus as well as the bus driver, she even got on the intercom/bus speaker and said that his hair was awesome so that I could hear her. Hahaha...He rocks!

He opted for a double mohawk instead of just one. I kept trying to convince him of doing one mohawk but he insisted on two. I think he was right, two is cooler!

I love the colors too, luckily I had both cans to use on him. :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kung Fu

I've noticed that this past year, Livingston has been drawing more and more (today he was working on drawing four leaf clovers). He used to enjoy a he was growing up but it seems like he is truly enjoying going and getting crayons and paper more now a days. That makes me really happy because he didn't seem that interested before. Maybe it was just him being a boy and wanting to run and jump tirelessly rather than sit still and create. He has always loved to craft with me and cook. He never gets tired of cooking and in turn sometimes it's hard for me to get him out of the kitchen too! I hope he'll become an amazing cook one day so I don't have to worry about him when he goes to college. Hahaha...

This evening Livingston and I went outside so that he could show me some of his kung fu moves. He did a lot of jump kicks and showed me some of his staf work, he is so surprisingly coordinated, so unlike me...unless I'm dancing. Otherwise I'm kinda clutzy.

This is my favorite photo, he jumped so high that I lost his head in the frame.

He has been working super hard on cart wheels and can do like 10 or so without passing out from the dizzyness! I'd lose my dinner if I was doing it, man, boys and their endless amount of energy!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Today we went to IHOP and had breakfast for dinner. Let's see, what did we order? Livingston got the Sausage Gravy over Buscuits, Walt got the Smoked Sausage with two eggs, hashbrowns and pancakes and I got the Loaded Hashbrowns (covered with bacon, cheese and sour cream...heart attack city) with two eggies and pancakes. Even Beckham shared in on the fun and ate some pancakes and hashbrowns after he finished all his sweet potatoes! We all thought it was great fun eating breakfast for dinner, but after 10 minutes we all felt super full and reconsidered it as possibly not being "the best idea ever". It was fun though and Livingston had been wanting to do this for some time, we just never think of it. Then off we went afterwards to take Livingston to Karate (poor kid, I hope he didn't feel as full as we did) and Walt, Beckham and I went to Best Buys to look around for fun. Afterwards, we all returned home and played the Wii and laughed our butts (or at least some hashbrowns) off at me trying to box. It was like a Friday on a Wednesday...I guess we'll just have to have two Friday's this week then.


Saturday I had the pleasure of photographing my good friend Heidi during her pregnancy. This was my first maternity shoot and I had a really great time with such a wonderful subject. I am so happy for Heidi and Matt, they are going to be such awesome parents and I know that this kiddo is going to come out incredibly creative and talented!!! Thanks for such a great session and for letting me try different things out with you.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I love heart day

I love Valentine's Day...but then again, I love most holidays. Maybe this one is extra special because it includes a lot of pink and reds, two of my favorite colors now a days. Then again, there's a beautiful heart as the symbol, you gotta love that.
I cut up these strawberry hearts for Livingston's class party, it was so cute when one of his classmates yelled out, "Look at the strawberries!!!! They're heart shaped!" That made me happy.
We had a good day today. The 50 MPH winds blew out our DirecTV so we were happy to come up with family fun games to play with eachother. One of the games, we blindfolded eachother and had to make lego pyramids, solve a puzzel, then play the chorus to Tina Turner's rendition of "Proud Mary" on the keyboards before we could be considered done. We laughed so hard, but each one of us (other than Beckham, who stood by eating "poofs" and inspecting our every move carefully) go through the mental-digit obstacle course. Later, after Walt and Livingston got hair cuts, Walt and I spent a wonderful, much needed "date night" thanks to the help of my parents (watching over the kiddos). It was an excellent Valentine's Day. I hope you had a great one too.

Thursday, January 15, 2009